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South Dublin Physio Services

A South Dublin based physical therapist that specialises in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and other physical conditions
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Professional Care

You can have confidence in that your physical therapist will be a highly experienced, educated, honest, and professional.
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All In One Service

At every visit you will see the same physical therapist. This will help us achieve a clear understanding of each other which, in return, speeds up your healing process.
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Your condition will be thoroughly explained, with its possible causes, in an easy-to-understand manner before designing a treatment plan tailored specifically for you.
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Mark O'Callaghan

My mission is to treat my clients in the most limited time possible, restoring a full recovery, while enabling them to return to a pain free and better quality lifestyle

My Promise

Your appointment will always be on time. You will be treated in a welcoming, friendly, and clean environment. You will receive 100% attention in the most diligent and professional manner.

After the first session you will leave my clinic feeling better than when you walked in. I will always provide only the best service based on your injury, and your diagnosis will be accurate based on my experience and knowledge.

Most of all, I will help you get back to a better quality of life in the most limited time possible.
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Physio Services

We are approved by all major insurance companies. Check your policy for more details.
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Back Pain

Back pain especially lower back pain is among the most common medical conditions, affecting about 80% to 90% of people at some point in their lives.
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Foot & Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain is particularly difficult to deal with because it can obviously really affect your mobility.
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Forearm Wrist & Hand Pain

Sudden traumatic injury along with overuse conditions as a result of repetitive stress ie. (Typing) can cause forearm, wrist and hand pain.
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Hip & Groin Pain

The hip joint is the largest weight bearing joint in the human body. It can be difficult to tell what’s causing hip and/or groin pain.
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Knee Pain

Pain on the weight bearing joints such as the ankle knee and hip can make it nearly impossible to carry out your daily routine functions.
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Neck Pain & Headache

Neck pain and headaches are often connected, but either one can be excruciating pain on its own.
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Shoulder Pain

Often means it’s impossible to carry out or perform your normal day to day routine or activities, such as combing your hair or carrying a shopping bag.
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