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Body Rebalance Clinic South Dublin

The Body Rebalance Clinic is run by Mark O'Callaghan who provides professional physical therapy services in South Dublin specialising in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, sports Injury, and other physical conditions.

Mark is a member of A.N.M.P.T. of Ireland and affiliated and trusted by most leading private health insurance companies. With his experience and knowledge within the industry, Mark ensures and promises clients that they will receive 100% attention and, more importantly, an effective, professional, and the most personalised service possible.

A wide variety of techniques and practises suitable to your condition are used. They are proven and based on the latest research and include massage therapy, dry needling, soft tissue manipulation, neuromuscular techniques, and kinesiology taping. These techniques may be used in conjunction with other treatments to achieve the desired result.

The mission is to relieve your pain and help you resume your normal daily lifestyle activities to the best of your ability.

If you find your physical condition is hampering your normal day-to-day activities, then get in touch or book a consultation and start the journey to returning a better quality of life.
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Take the first steps to relieving your pain and resuming a normal lifestyle.

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